24 March 2014

il lido - Restaurant Week March 2014

il lido - Restaurant Week March 2014

My second restaurant week choice was il lido italian dining and lounge bar. Since it was the same menu for both lunch and dinner, we obviously went for lunch :) It is awarded with a dining star too, and hence priced at $40++. 

It is essentially a 6 course set menu if you include the amuse bouche and coffee! The Amuse bouche that the chef has prepared is a fried risotto ball with mozzarella cheese. It was served on a plate with some hot stones (??) and we were told to pick it up with our hands. I didn't quite understand why we have to use our bare hands to pick it up, but probably so that we can pop it into our mouth and eat it hot. The risotto ball was creamy & rich, setting my belly happy for the meal ahead ^^ 

Foie gras was served next & I super love the way it's plated! Look at that yellow against the generous serving of foie gras, with the vegetables & even a flower! Extra points for this dish from the way it looks. But don't get me wrong, it doesn't just look good but taste good too! It is not one of the best that I've had, but I'm happy with it for the price I'm paying. 

The crab cappellacci was served with a rich broth, with the pasta skin enclosing the crab meat (there were also crabmeat in the broth! ). It is essentially known like a wanton to us Singaporeans and I found the skin to be too thick for my liking! However, the broth was fragrant and brought out the taste of the cappellacci very well along with the sweetness of the crab meat. 

There were 2 options for the mains but my boyfriend and I both chose the black cod. The cod fish came on a plate of sea urchin sabayon and fried fish skin on the side! The crispyness of the fish skin, coupled with the tender fish meat dipped in the sea urchin sauce was simply divine! What a yummy combi!! I wished the dish didn't end that soon..

Dessert was roasted strawberries with vanilla yogurt semifreddo. Once again, so beautifully plated. I like how the white sugar pieces look so random lying on each other, you call this artistic maybe? Haha. The semifreddo was a refreshing dessert as the vanilla yogurt taste was light to the tastebuds. 

Overall, really felt that my money was all worth it for this meal & I'm happy to have come to il lido for restaurant week!! 

il lido is located at
27 Bukit Manis Road
Sentosa Golf Club
Singapore 099892