17 April 2014

Mitsuba by Yurine Japanese Restaurant

Mitsuba by Yurine Japanese Restaurant

Hello long weekend!!! Kick started my weekend at the renowned Mitsuba restaurant, which is also by the same chef of Wasabi Tei at Far East Plaza & Chikuwa Tei at Mohammad Sultan. I've had a great experience at Wasabi Tei before, hence couldn't wait to visit Mitsuba! 

Located at Clarke Quay, Mitsuba's business is not threatened by the other japanese restaurants in the same mall. In fact, reservations are highly recommended! I was lucky enough to walk in to the last 2 seats available at around 730 on a Thursday evening. People who arrived subsequently were turned down. 

Mitsuba is known for their thick cut of fresh sashimi. It's definitely compulsory to try one of their sashimi dons when you're there :) below is their menu for their sashimi dons. Prices may seem pricey but you are really getting what you're paying for! 

I absolutely love salmon hence no prizes for guessing what I ordered! Also, all dons come with a miso soup, otoshi (ours was eel with cucumbers), fruits. This made the set really really worth it :) just look at the GENEROUS serving of salmon on the bed of small grained pearl rice. The cut was thick, which made each piece very shiok! Know that feeling of having not enough rice for the ingredients? This is how I felt while eating the don! The rice was sweet and savory, perfectly seasoned with salt, vinegar and mirin. 

I also ordered the most-not-worth-it item on any japanese menu - Tamago sushi. Priced at $4 for 2 at Mitsuba, it's even more not worth it right? But! You gotta trust me on this.... The Tamago was sweet, juicy & had an eggy texture?? I've come across many tamago (oops I really shouldn't be ordering this too often but I can't resist) that had an artificial taste and slightly "plastic" texture to it.  The one served at Tamago is definitely the better ones :) 

Service was fast - there was minimal waiting time and hot/cold green tea is complimentary. They have many other ala carte food items that looked really appetizing too. Hurry set a date to head down to Mistuba! Definitely worth a try!! 

Mitsuba is located at: 
6 Eu Tong Sen Street 
The Central