07 April 2014

奇味鸡煲 Qi Wei Ji Bao, Kovan

奇味鸡煲 Qi Wei Ji Bao, Kovan

Sunday night saw me at Kovan for dinner. I'm beginning to discover the food around kovan area & I'm loving it so far! A plus point is that it's just a straight road down from my place & there's free parking around the landed property area! 

Decide to try the 奇味鸡煲 after seeing it several times when I was there for Punggol Nasi Lemak. Yes they have a store at the punggol nasi lemak coffee shop and also another store on its own just a few shops down. We gave a try at the store since it was full house at the coffee shop! 

Simple menu! Sorry for the out of focus picture, couldn't wait to tuck in ;) Choose from the chicken, frog leg or herbal chicken pot! For the black sauce base, you are also able to choose from mild, medium and spicy for the spicy level! We chose the half chicken pot medium spicy as we love spiciness but we still want to enjoy the meal! 

The chicken hot pot also serves as a steamboat, where we can choose the ingredients that we like to be added! Choices include those that I've picked - quail eggs, luncheon meat, mushrooms and Maggie noodles. They have a lot more like sausages, crabmeat, taukee ( hot fav amongst the people!), ee mian, cabbage, taupok etc. To be honest I was drawn to this place bcos of this hahaha. Each plate cost $3.50 though, pricey if you think about how much it will cost you from the market.. 

Threw the ingredients in after the pot came with all the chicken in it! It is placed on a stove so it is kept hot throughout :) 

The base is a kind of black herbal-ish spicy sauce, which went very well with the white rice!! Spiciness is the mala kind, I tasted some mala seasoning in it. Mild was okay for me as I could taste the spiciness without it numbing my senses haha. For the Maggie noodles, I would say that it is too salty after it absorbed all the sauce! So stick with the white rice! The serving of chicken was fairly generous, and meat was really tender. I liked the skin where it is thoroughly braised in the black sauce, yummy but sinful. Herbal soup can be refilled upon request too. 

Dress light if you decide to pay a visit, as the shop was not very well ventilated and with all the hot pots the heat was rather substantial. The extra plates was a bit expensive but since this place doesn't have GST and service charge, I guess that made up for it :) 

奇味鸡煲 is located at
947 upper serangoon road
Singapore 534712