29 December 2016

Phat Cat Laundry, Singapore — Keong Saik

Phat Cat Laundry, Singapore — Keong Saik

 The Keong Saik area is littered with many eateries and a new kid has recently joined the block along Jiak Chuan Road. Phat Cat Laundry is inspired by the Chinese-owned laundries in Western countries as can be seen from one of their taglines Do not dampen spirits. The theme largely revolves around Asian-inspired drinks and food so expect to find lots of Asian touches even in their cocktails too! Find full menu here.


The cocktails menu consists of Teahouse Cocktails and Around Asia. I was instantly drawn to the former where spirits are infused with tea before concocting them into bespoke cocktails with hand-squeezed juices and homemade modifiers. I had the Chrysanthemum Stage concocted using chrysanthemum gin, tonic water and boston bitters. I like how the cocktail engaged my sense of smell first as a whiff of floral chrysanthemum greeted my nose even before I took a sip. The cocktail is suitable for ladies as it wasn’t too strong. With some bitter notes, I am glad that it isn’t too sweet yet still preserving the taste of chrysanthemum.


A signature and attention grabbing cocktail would definitely be the Forget-Love Water. Named after Andy Lau’s hit song, this is concocted using ugni blanc gin, sea salt, butterfly pea flowers and… magic. It starts with some citrusy fruity tones at first, with the gin only hitting you at the end.

My companions had other drinks which include Naked Truth ($22), Foam Party ($26), Mango Sticky Rice ($26) and Panties on Fire ($26). I would recommend the strong drinkers to go for Naked Truth, fans of coconut to go for Foam Party or Mango Sticky Rice and those who prefer a sour drink the Panties on Fire.






The standout starters for me were the Messy Sweet Potato Fries, Kimchi Cauliflower Gratin and Truffled Prawn Egg Rolls. We all should be familiar with sweet potato fries and aren’t they just so addictive? This is one of my top picks because it is simply a good snack that goes really well with the cocktails! The kimchi cauliflower is unique as the cauliflower is coated with a layer of gooey melted cheese and served with an Asian touch kimchi. The spicy and sour properties of kimchi definitely lifted the flavors of this dish. The truffled prawn egg rolls are filled with lots of chunky prawns and the sweetness of the prawns were apparent when I bit into them. There was only a hint of black truffle that was nicely balanced out with some aromatic lemongrass aioli.


The star of the night was this glorious black glossy beef rib. Rubbed with a char siu glaze, the beef rib is perfectly seasoned. Beneath its black interior is a wonderfully tender beef rib meat with some fats and together so soft that it melts in your mouth. On the side, some red cabbage slaw in an attempt to introduce some vegetables to this indulgence.


The crab noodles is a pasta dish comprising bucatini, lump crab meat, sweet chilli-lime beurre blanc and topped with fried garlic. The garlic aroma was instantly detected when it was served! The beurre blanc sauce that is mixed with the lumps of crab meat wasn’t too heavy and the strands of bucatini, which are thicker than the usual spaghetti, coated a lot more of the sauce on it.


I like how the mains at Phat Cat Laundry come in a sizeable portion which prevents overeating and leaving space for having some drinks! The mushroom and bone marrow fried rice is one that will definitely make you full. The fried rice reminded me of glutinous rice but not as sticky, and is stir fried with my favorite juicy mushrooms! Empty the contents of the bone marrow over the rice and you’ll find an easy-to-eat and enjoyable combination!


We had 2 desserts to share and the first is Phat Cat’s interpretation of affogato. There was vanilla ice cream (even though it was supposed to be coffee ice cream to mimic the coffee in affogato perhaps unavailable on that day?) in a bed of warm coconut cream, coconut-gula melaka cream and cocoa crispies. Overall a very fragrant dessert with the presence of coconut and I think it will fare a tad better with coffee ice cream!


Torched pineapples always appeal to me and this is served with yoghurt, tea infused honey and candied walnuts. While the pineapples were extremely juicy, I would have very much preferred more torched golden brown surface to bring out the charred taste.

I generally enjoyed the food at Phat Cat Laundry with the Asian touches that added colour and brought out different flavor profiles of the dish. Moreover, the tea infused spirits are very interesting and I’ll definitely be back when I’m feeling Chrysanthemum!

Phat Cat Laundry is located at:
4 Jiak Chuan Road Singapore 089261
Mon - Sat | 1700 - late
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