26 June 2017

Joyden Canton — Singapore, Orchard

Joyden Canton — Singapore, Orchard

The Joyden Group of restaurants is not unfamiliar to Singaporeans with 3 restaurants around Singapore. The only gripe was the location of these restaurants either in the West or East part of Singapore. The newest outlet, Joyden Canton, is located centrally at Shaw Orchard and it is the second outpost of the first outlet at Hillview. There are some dishes which are available at both outlets, but also others which are exclusively at Shaw Orchard outlet.


The fried lotus root greeted us with its fragrant aroma though I did not find the looks of it that appetizing. However, I was proven entirely wrong when I first bite into it. The insides were bursting with ingredients lotus root sandwiching minced pork, shiitake mushrooms, water chestnuts and cilantro. It was well marinated and extremely juicy. The sweet thai style chilli sauce by the side was also a good dipping to go along with it!


Served in an individual bowl portion, each comes wrapped with a layer of paper over it so as to seal all the goodness within it during the double boil process. It was loaded with a ton of black beans, black eyes peas, peanuts, pig’s tail, mandarin peel and longan to achieve that deep flavorful soup base. It was my first time having pig’s tail and the I heard that the fatty parts are very rich in collagen! Thankfully, the fats were so soft they melted in my mouth and I had no problem finishing it.


Pork chops are a very common dish in Chinese restaurants but Joyden Canton does it with a twist by glazing it with an unique sauce. The pork loins are generously coated with a homemade dang-gui barbecue sauce. The angelica root taste was very subtle but added an interesting element to the sauce that we all enjoyed!


I was appalled by the slab of ginger sauce over the steamed cod fish when it was first served. I was wondering if it would completely drown the natural taste of the fish! However, the homemade ginger sauce at Joyden Canton is not as pungent as I thought as they used both old and young ginger that cuts down on the sharpness. In fact, it went well with the buttery cod fish that was lifted with a touch of Chinese rice wine.


The most interesting dish of the night was the golden egg gratin that is topped with caramelized youtiao (fried dough sticks). Originally, the dish is made with fish intestines but here at Joyden Canton, the crunchy jellyfish are used instead. They are mixed with glass noodles, mandarin peel and minced olives before being covered with a layer of egg and baked to a golden brown. The curdy egg mixture was filled with lots of ingredients with every mouthful and that crispy youtiao was my favorite part!


A whole tiger prawn is wrapped with a homemade prawn paste with salted egg yolk, cilantro and water chestnuts. It is then coated in toasted almond flakes before being deep fried. The end product is not greasy at all but nicely fried to a perfect golden hue. The lemon and lemongrass sauce is refreshing and helps to lifts up the entire taste!


The luffa gourd is first delicately prepared by removing the skin and seeds then blanched in a superior stock to retain its sweetness. It’s topped with a bed of poached egg white for a silky finish.


The fried rice is not anywhere near glamorous as each rice grain is coated with olives and dark soya sauce till it’s black in colour. The exterior doesn’t matter as it’s well tossed with preserved radish, pork, prawns and topped with pork floss. The umami-ness can be tasted in every mouthful, especially with those premium olives that are specially sourced from Meizhou, China.

Joyden Canton is located at:
Shaw House
350 Orchard Road #04-00 Singapore 238868
Mon - Fri | 1130 - 2130 Sat, Sun & PH | 1100 - 2130

Dimsum | 1130 - 1630


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